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Social Work Research Free Notes

Social work research free study notes for UGC SET, NET exams.

    Welcome friends to this Social work research free study notes for the UGC SET NET Article. It will be helpful to all researchers to learn the research subjects, especially for UGC NET and SET students.


Introduction Of Research:-    

   In every education field research is a critical process. When we need knowledge in the depth of scope with the reliability of information then, we generally use the research method. Science is a way of investigation. Research is a very demanding process for any institute of higher learning. research is more than a set of specific skills. research is more than a set of particular scales. In various aspects of any professional work, research is a way of thinking and critically examining. Research is the term divided into two parts: 're' and 'search' generally ‘ re’ means again and ‘search’ means to find out. Research can be used to solve problems by being honest, and intelligent by searching for facts and their meanings.


Definition of Research:-

Social work research free notes


Before seeing the definition of research we learn here about the brief meaning of Research word. Research stands for the following that defines its essence.

R for - Rational way of thinking.

E for - Expert and exhaustive treatment.

S  for – Search / Solution.

E  for - Exactness.

A  for - Analysis.

R  for - Relationship of facts.

C  for - Critical, cautious, constructive attitude.

H  for - Honest and hard working.

Definition of Research Here:-

Here we see some famous definitions to understand the research subject.

(1) Research is a careful investigation or inquiry special to search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.

(According to the advanced learner's dictionary...)

(2) Research is a process of collecting and analyzing information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue. 

(According to Creswell....)

   The main objectives of the research are to gain familiarity, develop new phenomena, and explore, investigate & analyze more general issues. Give solutions to a problem, review and synthesize the existing knowledge and construct new procedures or systems.

   Hence, Research adds to the existing stock of knowledge. The primary purpose of research is to discover the answer to a question through the application of scientific procedure. Because "There is no shortcut to the truth no way to gain knowledge of the universe except throws the gateway of scientific method.." says …(Karl Pearson Born March 27, 1857)

Use of research:-

Now we will see what is necessary / use of research.

1- Service to society by solving unsolved problems

2- Desire to enhance social status.

3- Input for policy decision-making.

4- Intellectual satisfaction of doing some innovative work.

5- Acquire a research degree.

Characteristics Of Research:-

The following are some valuable characteristics of research

Reliability, validity, objectivity, generality, predictability, empirical, definiteness, systematic, replicable, logical.

What are the types of research in social work                                                
Types/Methods of Research:-

Research has many types or ways of solving problems, and issues, discovering statements, defining any logic, or checking reliability. On a different basis, we see here classification to understand types of research.

(1)  Classification of research based on objectives/the depth of scope:-

Descriptive research

Correlational research

Explanatory research

Exploratory research

Experimental research

(2)  Classification of research on the basis of its purpose/outcome:-

Fundamental Research

Applied research

(3)  Classification of research based on inquiry mode:-

Structure Research

Unstructured research

(4)  Classification of research based on the idea:-

Conceptual research

Empirical research

(5)  Classification of research based on inference/logic:-

Deductive research

Inductive research

(6)  Classification of research based on process/the data type used:-

Quantity research

Qualitative research

(7)  Classification of research on the basis of types of search:-

Primary research

Secondary research


   These various kinds of research types are present in our research methods. Generally, in social work, we use mostly quantity research, qualitative research, descriptive research, fundamental research & applied research. Interviews, surveys, case studies, Phenomenology, etc. are some of the most adaptable approaches in social work research.

   In this Free MSW note, we have learned about the Introduction Of Research, Definition Of Research, Use of Research, Characteristics Of Research & Types/Methods of Research. I hope that these Research notes will be helpful to MSW, SET, and NET students of Social Work to crack their IMP exams, If any student wants to know about other knowledge related to Research, please comment here or write to us by mail add. We will try our best, Thanks, Friends.

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