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Women as Weaker section, MSW ppt

 Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt

Empowerment of weaker section

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt

    The weaker section is a whole topic in the MSW course. The empowerment of the weaker sections is a national & international issue. Empowerment of weaker sections is the main objective of many policies of the government. In these Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt. we will learn about women as weaker sections in detail.

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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What is meant by social work?

What is the definition of social work?

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt

Social Work (MSW):-

(1) Introduction of social work

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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         Social work is the art of bringing various resources to bear on individual, group & community needs by the application method of helping people to help themselves. H H. Stroup (1960)


Social Work:-

   Social work is based on democratic values, where a human being has valuable status. Everyone has to fulfill their own responsibilities, duties, and their different roles in life. While playing the different roles if there occurs problems we can't play roles properly. Democratic values, human rights, and humanity are the basic standards of social work. Realizing the needs is the foundation of social work. The main objective of social work is solving the interactions of human beings to make their life standards high

(2) Women as a weaker section

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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Who is called the weaker sections?
What is the weaker section?
Which sections of society are usually exploited? 

The term ‘weaker Section’ in the ordinary sense refers to the section of the population who are socially, economically, politically, and educationally backward than the other sections of the population and has been suffering from different kinds of disabilities due to their backwardness.

Who is included in the weaker section in India?   

weaker sections that face discrimination include- women, scheduled castes(SC), scheduled tribes (ST), children, disabled, aged, poor migrants, sexual minorities, people suffering from HIV/AIDS, and other backward classes.

Now, in the further slide, we will see in detail the women's section.

Women as a weaker section

 Women are estimated at 50% of the whole population at the world level. And we recognize them as a weaker section ... Is it not strange..???? Students …!!!

Not strange...!!!!    Let's we will see indicators of women's weaker section.

(3) Indicators of women’s weaker section

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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What are the problems of the weaker section?
What are indicators of women's weaker section?

(1) Historical:- From ancient times in India, we have male-dominated culture. Where women have been given the second status. For example, in ancient Indian culture, there was the practice of sati system. Where women had to burn in fire. Still today there is a dowry & widow system in practice. In this way, women suffer from ancient times, and this is one of the indicators of women’s weaker Section.


(2) Economically:-In ancient times women were totally dependent on men, but today some women are earning but all women do not have the right to use their earnings. While doing their job they have to also look after their household work, take care of children, etc. this indicates how women are economically backward & harassed


Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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(3) Social: - According to human rights, men & women are equal though women are not allowed to perform all the rituals. During the menstrual cycle, women are not allowed everywhere. In ancient times and still, today in our society feticide is taking place. In society, women are being harassed in many ways.


(4) Biological: - Women are biologically different from men so she has to bear the burden of motherhood. While this, if the women do not get proper hospitality during pregnancy the mortality rate increases in the population of women.


(5) Ideological: - As women think that they belong to the weaker section they do not communicate their problems to anyone. Women think that from ancient times they suffered and she thinks that this might be her destiny. And this narrow mindset doesn’t allow her development.

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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(6)Politically:- After getting 33 % reservation in local governance still, we are not finding that the women are getting benefits from it. For example, in some places, we find that the nameplate is of women but indirectly authority belongs to men.


(7) Educational:-From ancient times in India, women do not get a proper education. Still in some villages of India girls are made to work at home instead of going to school. Verbal & sexual harassment is the cause of dropping out of school of the girl child. Even lack of Sanitization is a cause for dropping school. We can see that In 2021 Male literacy rate is 82.14% and the Female Literacy rate is 65.46% according to the Census of India. This also indicates how women are weaker in the educational field.

(4) Constitutional provisions for the weaker sections

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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What are the Government schemes for the weaker sections in India?
What are the rights of the weaker section?
What are the special privileges given to the weaker sections of society and why?

Constitutional makers have provided different safeguards in the Constitution of India for the boost and protection of the weaker section of society.

Especially For women:-

Article 14:- Equal rights and opportunities for men and women in political economic and social spheres

Article 15:- prohibits discrimination based on disability, restriction, the grounds of caste, religion, sex, or place of birth.

Article 15(3):- Whereas nothing in this article will prevent the state to make special provisions and arrangements for the betterment of the children and women

Article 16:- Provides for equality of opportunities in public appointments for all citizens.

Article 39:- Providing the equal right to means of livelihood and equal pay for equal work.

Article 42:- Direct the state to ensure just and human condition of work and maternity relief 

Article 51:- (A) (e):- Mandates every citizen to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women.

(5) Safety laws for women

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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What are the methods to empower the weaker sections of society?
How can the Government ensure that weaker sections of society are not exploited?
Laws & policies empower the weaker section?

Crimes against women occur every minute in India. Women are not safe, whether it is in their houses, in public places, or at the workplace. 

These are some safety laws that help women to get knowledge.


(1) Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (Amended in 1986) 

(2) Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 

(3) Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (VISHAKHA Guide Lines)

(4) Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006

(5) Juvenile Justice (care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (Amendment 2015)

(6) Protection of children from sexual offenses Act, 2012 (Pocso)

(7) Indian Divorce Act, 1969

(8) Maternity Benefit Act, 1861, (Amendment 2017)

(9) Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971(Amendment 2020)

(10) Equal Remuneration Act, 1976


(6) Women Empowerment programs

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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What benefits are given to the weaker sections?

The government formulates & implements many schemes & programs for women's empowerment & safety. Some of them are the following :-( Maharashtra)

(1) Manodhairya Scheme

(2) Manjhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme

(3) Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme
(4) Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)

(5) Indira Gandhi Matritva ShayogYojna
(6) Kishori Shakti Yojana

(7) Welfare Scheme for Devadasis

(8) Financial Help for Marriage of Girls.
(9) Shubh Mangal Samuhik Vivah Scheme.

(7) Conclusion

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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Why is important to the empowerment of the weaker section of society?

 The progress and prosperity of any country can be by the socioeconomic positioning of its citizens mainly the deprived sections of the society which are the women, children, scheduled caste, tribal, and the disabled population who suffer from poverty, disease, unemployment, and much other social deprivation.

  Such sections of our society must be noticed by the state, policymakers, planners, social welfare administrators, social scientists, and academicians, so that legislations, policies, and programs are formatted in line with the constitution of our country. As a result, the country progresses as a whole, not just some sections doing well and others being left behind.


(8) Reference

Women as Weaker section MSW, ppt
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 WCD Maharashtra:- -

   In this Women as Weaker section, MSW ppt, we are trying to give you the best free notes as ppt slides. we have put in our best efforts, & wish that it will be help full to all MSW, SET, NET, and Social Work students. 

         - Thank you friends

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